Diagnosis: cyclist

Heading up a letter from the hospital in lovely bold letters, received today…


Left-insular non-enhancing intra-axial brain tumour
Presumed low grade primary lesion
Seizures controlled by Levetiracetam 500mg b.d
Very keen cyclist

So, it seems, my proclivity for all things two wheels is officially part of my diagnosis.

It made me smile, but also finally helped me make the decision to start posting (to come out – if you will) about my brain tumour, about cycling and some other crud too.

This brain tumour, it seems, is here to stay. So is my cycling.

And in a way, they’re inextricably linked – if it wasn’t for the cycling, I wouldn’t (yet) know about the tumour. (I’ll explain why another day)

I have no great mission, but others write about their kids, their football team, their cooking or the colour of their undergrollies.

Why not write about two big things in my life?

Let’s just hope the first one doesn’t get any bigger any time soon.

The bigger the tumour gets, the less I’ll be able to cycle (oh, and some other consequences too – but lets stick to cycling for now).

Those are the facts, ladies and gentlemen. Let battle commence.

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