The letter

UnknownThere’s a letter sitting on my desk, right here.

It’s been sitting there for days, seven at least. Every time I come here, I look at it.

Then I move some papers on top. Shuffle it out of the way. At the end of the day I return it to where it belongs.

I’ll get round to it tomorrow.

It’s a letter from the hospital. It tells me the date of my next neurology results appointment, when we find out whether the tumour is growing.

It reminds me I need to organise an MRI scan on my brain at least two weeks before.

I don’t want to do it.

When I do, it will start the countdown.


  1. Hello Gideon,

    Was talking to Steven about you last night. Told him I’d tried to get in touch with you a few times (I mean over the years) and said I had heard last year you were not well.

    Today Dave told me you had been on the program Bringing up Children, so decided to look see if I could find you on the internet, and there you are. Read your posts and saw your pictures, looks like you have two beautiful children now. Gid I’m so sorry to hear about the brain tumour and hope that all goes well on your next scan.

    As I looked at your pictures the years rolled away, you have changed so little since we last met. (how long ago was that) Guess you’ve got a little less hair, oh but the cheeky smile is still there, the eyes still twinkle and show the fighting spirit, your still writing and cycling. Please keep on doing the things that make you feel good.

    We Geordies still love you.

    Love and the best to you and the family. Lidia xxx

    1. Hey Lidia.. Personal email on its way to you, but lovely to hear from you after all this time!

  2. Just had my scan today. Appointment to see the consultant on Thursday.
    Think this part of the process is hardest for our loved ones who pray for the positive outcome.
    Don’t delay

    1. Chippy,

      Thanks for keeping us informed. Yes, I do think this wait is the longest wait isn’t it! And often even more difficult for our loved ones – we can sometimes have a resignation, where they have unbridled hope. Perhaps the two balance each other out.

      My scan is set for end of this month, and results day just a week later. Time to book my blood test now. In and out of surgeries and hospitals.

      Take care, and I hope your results day brings good news.


  3. Just got back from dropping my daughter at school and a circuitous cycle home to get the heart going, I got an attack of Bob the Builder one hill and thought of this post. Hope the scan went well, got mine at the end of the week.

    All the best,


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