Positive update

Just a holding post:

The biopsy went very well, as far as I can tell – the consultant hasn’t come and reported back yet, but I feel good anyway.

However, I have full speech and full movement, so it can’t have gone that bad. Hopefully they got the tissue they need to tell them the score in there.

I’m up and walking wounded today (Friday), and they’re promising I can go home later this afternoon, after they’ve extracted about a hundred different pipes from my limbs.

You can bet I’ll be writing all about it right here over the weekend, look out for descriptions of the strange stickers they plastered me with, at 3am in the morning. The arrow on my neck, and the staples in my head. And more…

Thanks for all your messages of support.



  1. Phew. Have been following your story but never posted – was thinking about you and your family yesterday and last night. Glad you have speech. And I hope you have sunshine too.

  2. Brilliant brilliant brilliant! 🙂 You’ve been in my thoughts all day … Even though I’m upside down in time to you! So, so glad process went well! I look forward to your writing much much more! Hugs to you Gideon!

  3. So pleased to hear from you today. You have been in my thoughts over the last few days and it’s such a relief to hear you are able to communicate and move as normal so soon. Hope the results are reassuring.

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