Cycling reason to be cheerful

Brit Bradley Wiggins is favourite to win the Tour de France this year – it starts tomorrow with a short time-trial in Liege (Belgium).

(For those who don’t know, it’s a pretty big bicycle race that some guy call Lance used to win all the time)

Brit Mark Cavendish is favourite to win the Green Jersey (basically for the best sprinter of the race).

I may have bagged myself, by accident, a ticket to the climb part – such that it is – of the Olympic men’s road race, where Mark Cavendish is expected to win the first British gold medal.

May I offer my sincere thanks to a certain upstanding and ever so not corrupt or power crazy Mr R Murdoch and his wonderful company’s sponsorship of British cycling and what is likely to be a leading team in the Tour de France this year.

I salute you, your newspapers and your television networks – though I neither read nor watch any of of them.

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