Why do mums stay at home and dads go to work?
Why do some women treat men like idiots around babies?
Where are all the ‘new fathers’ we hear so much about?

When he became a dad, Gideon Burrows didn’t realise other men didn’t do an equal share, or that he could have got away with doing far less.

On his journey to fairer fatherhood he encountered dismissive midwives and father phobic workplaces, fanciful media stereotypes and patronising playgroup mums.

He discovered the real reason men don’t do childcare. And what we should all do about it.

“Exhaustive research, statistical analysis and policy review”Mail on Sunday

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More about Men Can Do It!

Men Can Do It! is the honest and humorous journey of a man trying to do his fair share. On his way, Gideon Burrows meets men-phobic midwives, sceptical school gate mums, inflexible employers, outdated legislation and other barriers to men doing more childcare.

This unique and revealing book exposes the media’s love for the ‘new father’ as built upon a myth: he simply doesn’t exist. He lays out a new way of thinking about how men can do more, by uncovering the biggest barrier of them all.

With fast paced, informative and engaging sections on new fatherhood stereoptypes, men and the media, role models, the politics of men and childcare, antenatal and maternity, the problem with women, playgroups and pre-schools, employers and the world of work, paternity and flexible leave legislation, family finance and much more more.

Order your copy now to discover the real reason men don’t do childcare, and what men and women should do about it.

Buy and read right NOW on Kindle for £4.99
Order your printed copy NOW for £6.99 + free p&p