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Front door pick up

Can’t get your bike into the car? Can’t work out that complex car rack, so you can’t take your bike to get fixed? Just too busy to get it out of the shed and down to a bike shop?

I know one of the key things preventing you getting your bike fixed is finding the time and the energy to get it into or onto the back of the car. Or having to organise a lift, so you can ride it to and from a bike shop.

I have an easy solution.

If you live within a mile of the Holywood maypole, you need not lift a finger to get your bike fixed or serviced.

I’ll come to your front door at your convenience, give your bike a quick diagnosis, then if safe to ride, I’ll bring it down to my workshop at Seapark.

If it’s not safe to ride, I’ll make a few repairs there and then, so I can ride it away to be fixed properly. If it’s a kid’s bike, I’ll wheel it back or have one of my children ride it.

And when I’m done, I’ll bring your fixed, cleaned and ready-to-ride bike right back to your front door.

And the cost for this front door pick up and drop off service?

Not a penny. Getting back on your bike has never been simpler.

Contact me now to book your free front door pick up.