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Second hand bikes

Are you looking for a second hand bike to ride? Do you want to get rid of an old bike you no longer need?

Either way, I may be able to help.

From time to time, I service, fix and sell second hand bikes to the public. These come with a three month warranty: if anything goes wrong, I’ll fix it for free.

Scroll down to see any bikes I currently have for sale. If I don’t have something quite right, then contact me with your needs and I’ll keep an eye out for something that might work for you.

If you have a bike you no longer want, you have a number of options depending on its condition.

1) If your bike is in good condition, the frame, wheels and handlebars are practically rust and scratch free, and there is no major buckle in either wheel, then I may consider taking the bike from you.

If you donate the bike to my workshop, I’ll give 30% of any profit (after the cost of parts) to The Brain Tumour Charity. If you are seeking to sell your bike, I’ll pay you 20% of any profit (after the cost of parts) if the bike re-sells. Note, my time and work on the bike will be covered in its sale price.

I’ll will assess the bike before we proceed, and will only take it if I have space and time to turn it around. Otherwise…

2) If your bike is in less good condition or I can’t help you, it may still be refurbished by one of the charity projects in Belfast. These charities will also take better quality bikes, but only as donations.

The projects are:

re:cycle – part of the East Belfast Mission social enterprise, this is where I have volunteered for nearly three years and have honed my bike mechanic skills. You can drop your bike at any re:store shop, or any local authority recycling centre, and it will be shipped up to our workshop for assessment. There we repair and refurbish bikes, ready for resale in the re:store shops. Or we strip bikes in poorer condition of their parts for re-use. Any remaining metal is sold for scrap. All earnings go to support the social enterprise’s work with homeless people and community work across greater Belfast.

BikeAid Africa – Another Northern Irish project that refurbishes bikes, but sends them to Madagascar where they are used by those living in poverty to get to school, work, to transport goods and deliver services. You can message the charity via Facebook to arrange the drop off of your bike.

ReCycle Bikes to Africa – This is Halford’s corporate bike recycling scheme, again sending used bikes to Africa. You can drop off at their stores in Lisburn, Newtownabbey or Derry/Londonderry.

That Holywood Bike Thing: currently for sale

All bikes are assessed, repaired and refurbished by me, using appropriate new or quality second hand parts bringing them up to standard: safe and ready to ride.

Buy one and you’ll get my three month warranty: if anything goes wrong, I’ll fix it for free or give you your money back.

Adams Trail-A-Bike: £50

Another good source of quality second hand bikes is the chain of re:store shops, a social enterprise that refurbishes bikes and furniture for resale to fund work with homeless people and community projects.