Writing case studies for Keech Hospice’s annual review

Keech_LogoGideon is working with Keech Hospice Care on its annual report this year.

The Keech is an amazing place – a hospice service serving Luton and Hertfordshire that combines the needs of children that are terminally ill and with long term complex disabilities, that also provides hospice care and services for adults at the end of their life.

Gideon has been asked to help with the hospice’s annual review this year, particularly interviewing adults and children who use its services and writing moving and engaging case studies of the work that takes place there.

“This is challenging work, but also rewarding,” said Gideon Burrows. “This kind of human-centred moving work is exactly the reason I started working in the voluntary sector nearly 20 years ago. I like helping to give people a voice and if it helps to generate funds and improve services as a result, then I’m particularly satisfied.


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