Rewriting complex scientific information for patients

Crohn’s and ColitiCrohnss UK is one of the UK’s leading charities working in the field of chronic bowel disease and similar conditions. It’s an exciting and fast moving research area, but much of the information produced by scientists about developments is almost unreadable to those affected by the conditions themselves.

Gideon Burrows used his expertise to pick apart the research papers and create user-friendly summaries that told patients what they needed to know and, most importantly, how the new developments might affect them and their condition. Gideon also advised the charity on the presentation of the research information on its website.

“Charities are funding terrific but sometimes very detailed and complex work,” said Gideon Burrows. “It helps to have an outside perspective to help the organisation remember that the information they produce will be read by real people who are emotionally and personally involved in the issue. Marrying the two should be the ideal for any charity.”

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