Making web information more streamlined and accessible

voiceabilityAdvocacy organisation VoiceAbility commissioned Gideon to help make parts of its cumbersome website more accessible by rewriting technical information into something more readable.

VoiceAbility provides advocacy services for some of the most marginalised in society, including those detained under the mental health act, those deemed unable to make decisions for themselves and those with complex disabilities.

The legislation is complex and explaining it in plain language is no easy task.

VoiceAbility asked Gideon to provide advice on how its website should be reshaped to make information more easily understand for a lay-reader, and also to rewrite some of the most technical information so it was accessible to everyone.

“It’s hard for many charities to get an outside view on their information when they’re so close to it,” said Gideon Burrows. “I welcome the opportunity to offer an outside view on charity’s copy and communications and VoiceAbility has offered me the chance to make concrete changes that I know will have a great impact on its readership.”

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